Day 5: Protests and Turncoats

People are going into the streets. The funhouse of social media failed their egos. Major highways shut down in liberal cities as protesters demand from the drivers their reason for not moving back to the Midwest this election cycle. I don’t know if it is an effective strategy to create obstacles for your allies, but I do think the larger peaceful protests taken place in the forgotten public squares is good. There was no mandate in this election, no landslide. Trump will be our president and now must listen rather than sell. Create compromises of his stump with the voices of those he was chosen to lead. The winding path to success in office.

However one aspect of the protests is harmful: #notmypresident. It gives me flashbacks to the early Tea Party protests, the ones with fife playing and drumlines (an aside: the left should match the right’s pageantry, better television and more front pages). The birthers and racists denying the legitimacy of Obama. A toxic stain on our flag. That stain will only spread if we do the same. Attack the policy, stances, and comments; not the legitimacy of our republic.

Another specter coming out of the bedrock are folks who denounced a Trump presidency for fear of his ability to uphold the constitution on Nov.8 but at 1am on the Nov.9 declared this to be a good result: even maybe the best result.  These turncoats parade online and in the streets. Unconcerned that the fears they claimed to have will come to pass. Drunk on the promises of tomorrow, they have walked away from the gatehouse as the inmates take over the asylum.

Both choices are reactions but we need to respond to the moment. To reflect before action is the mark of wisdom. We have three months to prepare and we must prepare for Trump’s 100 days. The policy will come swiftly. Some policies undoubtedly will be wrong for America and just as the ACA wasn’t stopped by cardboard signs, we must think of new avenues to address and prevent them from becoming law. I have faith in the Roberts court but the court fell to partisanship with Bush. The court must regain its place in checks and balances. They cannot fear the wrath of an angered GOP, but they should fear for their place in history.

We cannot let ourselves fall into selfishness. We cannot drink the koolaid. We cannot lose America.

-E.C. Fiori

Author: paveamerica

Two Americans take the only radical position left in the country: centrists.

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