Day 19: S.O.S and Other Mumurs in the Swamp

Trump’s cabinet has been heavy on the second chances and new fish in the pond in big positions. The largest besides the seat on the court is the position of Secretary of State, our top diplomat. Mitt Romney is in the running and for that I am grateful. The man may have not been my choice for president, but he was a good governor. He quite knowledgeable about current and global affairs. He never has had a public scandal or been blemished. If Trump always speaks in Trumpisms then Romney will be an eloquent communication channel. The other name being bounced around is Rudy Giuliani, who is the opposite of Romney. A man who had an extramarital affair in office and is a Trump cosmopolitan. His time ended with his mayorship and his outlook on police policies while not a part of the state department give insight into his worldviews. He will not stand for a world safe for democracy if he threatens it at home.

The outsiders in Trump’s camp oppose Romney. He was a “never Trumper”, whose vote was not for Trump in all likelihood. They are running a old time mob boss hall party with good jobs for supporters regardless of qualification. They didn’t have any and they won. More dangerous ideas is their toxic desire for revenge. Our lives and their fates are not favors to be handed out for support. We the people deserve someone qualified even if we abhor some of their held positions, at least let the issue be politics. Government is not a business, many more factors matter beyond stockholder appreciation. It requires self sacrifice and that isn’t coming from Trump Tower. This is a man who treats the presidency like a participation trophy. His wife and young son can’t be bothered to reside in the White House. Who knows if Trump won’t come back to NYC on weekends?

Decorum will be in short supply come Inauguration Day. Trump as president elect continues to use his Twitter to vent. While I disagree with those who say the Hamilton cast open letter after the show was an apolitical action, I also disagree with those who say they should apologize. This is an age for public disagreement. The election comes at a time of greater change than the industrial era. The digital disruption and the approach of the end of work before whites become a majority minority in America. Uber deployed a fleet of self driving cars aided by human companions this summer. They won’t be everywhere tomorrow, but consider the smartphone. It was just under a decade ago that the iPhone was released. In that time, the notion of the smartphone being a key tool of success has taken hold. By 2015 68% of Americans had a smartphone making an app like Uber be a very successful company. Soon, delivery drivers like myself will be out of work along with taxi cab drivers, and the entire transport industry from film to food distribution. Millions of jobs will be gone. There will be no new jobs to replace them as more automation breakthroughs take place. These changes will not be done within the next twenty years, but the preparations and framework needs to be discussed now. Before zero hour. It will not be a good use of our next four years, arguing over Twitter again.

-E.C. Fiori