Day 23: When There are no Adults…

Along with the deaths of culture for amusement and community for cosmopolitanism. Adulthood and responsibility have been ravaged by luxury. The eternal childhood of Brooklyn spreads through the wider millennial generation. People shrugging duty for fun or personal achievement. I believe the rejection of adulthood births the decay of every other institution.

Adulthood is not always or frequently enjoyable but it is necessary. Responsibility probably makes one unhappy without it there is nothing. The modern career as a source of pleasure and fulfillment is a flawed concept that erodes our inner life. God put us on this earth to be more than a collection of likes on instagram. The career choices that grant the idealized happiness all share  the notion that people pay attention to them. We care less about civic duties and government than even Gen X and they don’t care about anything. That goes to day needed work perhaps either dull or dirty and considered below a certain class of people. The jobs that keep the lights on. The pursuit of career over community and family is a selfish way of life. Another trendy selfish act is to have children for the luxuries of ease and self pamper. The rise of childless couples among the professional class and elite should shock and upset us. There is no honor in emulating Peter Pan. Avoiding parenthood after all the sacrifices made by every previous generation whose blood flows through you. Their effort cumulated to end as a search result. I do not mean to suggest those without the means or the ability but I speak to those who could invest themselves into a stable job or have wealth as well as change their lifestyle to be a better domestic environment. Those who actively avoid responsibility for responsibilities sake. Not only will we die off if it spread but it shows how uncommitted we have become as a society. If we cannot commit to continuing life itself, why would any lesser institution survive. I often think of Churchill’s quote: “Sometimes it is not enough to do our best; we must do what it required.” I think trophies for all and the need for my generation to have constant positive feedback for completing the work, they are being paid to due even if their wages are stagnant and low. I think we need to be paid for what we generate considered a shareholder in the company with our time and effort. I think career and lack of children can be a retreat from life’s difficulties. I think that posting may not have the change that going into the world does. I don’t know how effective the modern street protest will prove to be but I believe it is more courageous and noteworthy. You must live as you wish the world to be on occasion. Civil disobedience can be the moral choice in a situation. We need more than online petitions and even phone calls, but more phone calls to our representatives. We need to care more about local events and government beyond viral news stories. We cannot just achieve for ourselves but for the future. We cannot throw away the community and institutions that support us in seeking out our personal fantasies. We must go beyond awareness and do what is needed. We cannot become pigs rolling in shit.

-E.C. Fiori

Author: paveamerica

Two Americans take the only radical position left in the country: centrists.

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