Day 27: The College Hasn’t Spoken

If a president elect is unable to dutifully serve his post under the constitution should he be allowed to serve at all. The electoral college hasn’t voted and while I have heard of some Clinton pledged electors advocate either switching for a different republican than was on the ballot or more simply asking Trump pledged electors to go faithless and under 270. Sending it to the GOP controlled House. A Republican will be president maybe even some dark horse outsider but it cannot be a Nixonian crook. Today, a Texas delegate promised to be faithless. If thirty six more join him, the constitution can be protected. I think that this election will show the foresight of the elector based system. 538 Americans chosen to represent their state stand between a man who knows little it at all of our constitution. They don’t have to all love Clinton but I know they all love America. Everyone who voted did. Those who didn’t vote most likely do. This election shows that the path forward wasn’t as certain as the newsman told us. We all believe that change is needed, the status quo cannot stand. The constitution did not cause the current crisis but it can allow us to solve it. An impartial Supreme Court checking overreach. An executive to administer. Two legislative bodies to create. All within the strict bounds of the constitution. They are not all powerful bodies, we give them the power needed to fulfill their duties, but nothing more. The rest of existence is ours. Trump threatens that, he wants what is ours and those rights are God given. The populist rage cannot crush our government. There are many problems in America. Our citizens are failing each other but Trump and illiberalism is not the solution. I hope that December 19th brings good news of a republic saved.

-E.C. Fiori

Author: paveamerica

Two Americans take the only radical position left in the country: centrists.

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