Day 29: Death by Passivity

Passivity and Apathy are more or less the same in my view. To be active is to care. I think with the ease of digital we accept a more passive role in exchange for the luxuries attached. We all know where the iPhone comes from but we all have one. We compromised ourselves for our own 12 pieces of silver. Trump is the president we deserve.

Social media, home of outrage culture is a passive space. The natural state of any platform is stories being brought directly to you via the newsfeed. We like, a pre-generated response. We share in a defined limited scope that encourages platform over communication. It bleeds into our other shared public spaces, the dearth of communication.

Another passivity draining our society is passive capitalism. Institutional investments in funds like Vanguard are both the dream and doo of the American middle class. They act as monopolies by diversifying stock by owning stakes in all major competitors in an industry. While good for us the investor it encourages higher prices for us the customer and lower wages for us the employee. They are a form trust, the.kind that makes you think of Roosevelt Theodore not Franklin Delano.  They would still be cheap in fees and steady in returns if they only diversified across industries, but never within. Of course, another problem is these passive investors are not passive in their ownership in fulfilling their duty to maximize the benefits for their clients. Changing the marketplace focus.

Passivity has a home in politics, which includes the game of reducing your opponent’s turnout. We incentivize apathy in a sense. I see the great middle that exists in our polarized landscape being phased out the voices who don’t comment but who are active in their communities for rapid placeless chatter as proposals come out and debate answers designed to represent the fringe. We can no longer expect to always see an honorable person on the ticket. With work and organization, it can be done but offline. Otherwise each convention platform more sloganized and radical than the last until no one is interested what the king and his court have to say.


Author: paveamerica

Two Americans take the only radical position left in the country: centrists.

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