Day 35: The Siberian Candidate

A story being shared recently goes:

Putin and Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson made a 500 billion dollar oil deal. Tillerson being the CEO of Exxon Mobil. The deal put on ice by Obama’s sanctions against Russia that would have continued under any other candidate but Trump. Russia then hacked into our political organizations  and the government itself to aid Trump. In September congress and Comey were briefed on the matter by the CIA but McConnell blocked public knowledge. His wife is now up for a spot in Trump’s Cabinet and Tillerson would be in a position to help remove said sanction.

Is it true? Pretty to think so but don’t get the tin foil hat out. The election is tainted by foreign intervention and is most likely illegitimate but not in the vote count. It is tempting to wonder how many third party votes would have been blue if not for the leaks, it is in the end fruitless. I don’t mean to suggest McConnell did it for his wife. She served in the cabinets of two previous Republican administrations and is qualified in her own right. I think that the release of the knowledge and the withholding of it are political moves. McConnell did it for the majority and the down ballot. His calls for investigations are a little too late, he is just as tainted as Trump by Putin. We must avoid full blown conspiracies like Benghazi for the Tea Party but we also must stand for our Nation before our parties. Obama knew as well and did nothing as well. Something has been rotten in Washington for a long time.


-E.C. Fiori

Author: paveamerica

Two Americans take the only radical position left in the country: centrists.

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