Day 37: Order without Tyranny 

Trump and the war on fact is continuing strong without a winner. The situation has had me reflect on order and authoritarianism. While people who seek order often fall into an authoritarian mindset, I feel that the stability and empowerment that comes from structure cannot always be bad. Also Trump may be the most egregious liar on the national stage but the democrats and establishment GOP have been lying by omission for years.

Globalization creates winners and losers on both sides of the trade divide. The losers make a large percentage of Trump support. I’m not just speaking to the blue collar but the college educated Trump voter as well. While underemployment is down from the recession it is still there and not disappearing. Education doesn’t make one immune to losing, the opposite of what economists often parade. 30 years of ignoring the downslides bubbled into Trump, who his supporters forgive for his bullshit because they feel they have been fed bullshit by everyone else as well.

We can’t normalize Trump’s Orwellian reality making but cannot continue our own omissions. We can’t avoid the hard truths anymore or worst underperform on our promises to each other. The recovery passed most of us by including many Clinton voters. I still believe she was the best candidate on any of the stages. I believe she would have brought new industry into the empty factories across America. She at the very least didn’t have a business to promote at the expense of any of ours. I know many of my fellow Americans disagree with that and that is okay. However allowing Trump to revise recorded industry cannot continue. He has said what he has said even if you believe it was just exaggerating the situation. He can try to walk back a statement but never can it be erased.

Author: paveamerica

Two Americans take the only radical position left in the country: centrists.

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