Day 48: Settlers of Apartheid 

Trump has shown that he doesn’t believe or understand the two state solution with his nomination of not just a pro settlement ambassador to Israel but his bumbling effort in meddling with the UN resolution. Israel illegally stole Palestine land and continues to encroach. There cannot be peace until this has been addressed.
The Israeli claim that the settlements are their only bargaining chip disregards their massive power through their “friendship” with America. They were not apart of the Iraq coalition instead they needled Iran with black ops. For 50 years they have destabilized the Middle East and while many of the early attacks on the nation were unprovoked today it is a hell of their own making and we are paying.

I feel for the plight of the moderate Israeli and for the innocents affected by the violence. I don’t believe Trump will bring them relief but the resolution will. Without two states there cannot be peace for Israelis or Palestinians.

-E.C. Fiori