Day 53 and 54: We Who We Are

Over this New Year weekend I have been shocked how open the Boston Liberals appear to be to accept Putin’s friendship as sincere. This is the man who invaded two neighbors in the past 8 years and spent his formative years becoming the Hoover of the KGB and Comrade Kane in the Modern Russian Oligarchy. A man who has left a trail from defectors. He didn’t welcome Snowden because he is a true believer of transparency. It is interesting that Russians successfully hacked our political parties the election after.
Putin is like the frozen rock that birthed him: an immovable object against freedom. The man who finds gays threatening and journalists his country’s (power) threat. His jailing of the members of Pussy Riot shows not just his hatred of liberty but that he cannot stand a slight.

He has cronies not friends and Trump with those who fall for the spy ploy will be only favored as they take the heat for his decisions. He saw Obama as an equal and retreated him as a threat. Trump’s ego makes placation almost too simple.

A snake will forever be a snake.

-E.C. Fiori

Author: paveamerica

Two Americans take the only radical position left in the country: centrists.

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