Day 56: The Progressive Dream

As soon as I wrote about the falseness of comparisons to “Children of Men”, I was sent a The Atlantic piece praising hatred of motherhood. Parenthood is a lifetime obligation and like all obligations it sucks on the daily. Wiping asses becomes household power struggles all while the media lavishes the selfish people who chose themselves over humanity as icons. The left has long misunderstood that life just sucks and will suck.
Now I totally understand that many fathers don’t carry their weight at work and at home. This is a real issue especially if it makes a woman regret motherhood. The challenge of liberty is we cannot force a change but we can socially commit ourselves as men to not just being the fun dad or doing the chores we want but truly sacrifice for our children.

As for the “ingrained notion” to become a mother and the idea that because our society encourages women to not become pregnant for most of their childbearing years, blame biology. We were not born to write or speak our tongues or argue law or heal the injured. That is our self chosen path. We are born to be parents like any other animal. Just because our zoo called society continues to make child rearing more challenging doesn’t mean we give up on the species. Rather we need to make society back into our image. At least the French leftists try to make life easier to live rather than preach a nihilist future. It isn’t a question that mothers need more communal support in our age of isolation instead of encouraging abortions maybe policy changes could foam the runway of motherhood. Those policies won’t change us unless we change our culture. We were not born to work but to continue life. Let not luxury, greed, and industry corrupt us into a dying breed.

-E.C. Fiori

Author: paveamerica

Two Americans take the only radical position left in the country: centrists.

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