Day 57: Bleeding Kansas

Before America warred brother on brother, violence broke out in the territories as people chose freedom for all or to spread slavery. In the election of Trump, I fear we are stepping closer to a return. In an op-ed on how to resist Trump there is a proposal for the left to become a new Tea Party. Stating the righteousness of the left creates a mandate for another four years of a dysfunctional Washington. Even if their ideas are right, they ignore the same claims made by the Tea Party. We are becoming two subtribes within a democracy that disregards the validity of the other’s right to rule.

Just because Gingrich started the war in 1996 doesn’t mean attrition is the path to peace. Attacking every policy especially when it is a reasonable course just not your preference will just lead to more Trumps. In selective resistance that betters the lives of all Americans, the American heartland can be rewon. 2018 has about ten blue senate seats in Trumpland and no beltway insider or New York snark will save them from midterm reckoning. Unless there are real local grassroots efforts Trump will gain power. The Tea Party managed to turn Mondale voters red. Perhaps a blue transfusion via geographical relocation is required.

-E.C. Fiori

Author: paveamerica

Two Americans take the only radical position left in the country: centrists.

4 thoughts on “Day 57: Bleeding Kansas”

  1. Better, assimilate into America and end the “resistance” since you’re resisting American normative values far more than Trump and scapegoating him won’t get you ANYTHING you want. It’ll just get you EVERYTHING you fear – not from President Trump, from the rest of us who will either become just what you already claim we are or who will calmly sit by and let it all happen to you.


    1. Scapegoating Trump for what his fraudulent university that preyed on Veterans or his charity that used donations to hush a Florida AG investigation and a six foot portrait. Trump made his own bed. I want good jobs to return. I want to save my country from globalization but a billionaire who makes nothing in America is not the answer. I fear wider inequality, I fear my family’s pension funds will be swindled again by some Wall Street Shitbag. American values can come down to a simple phrase “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”. Like my article said you can’t protest every like the Tea Party but any unconstitutional action must be resisted and fought. I think no American can argue with that.


      1. While there are many valid interpretational debates and there should if we live in a republic. Not every matter is grey. If Nixon’s involvement in sinking the 68 Vietnamese peace talks had been discovered in his lifetime he would have been arrested for treason. The letters were only uncovered after his death. We have over 200 years of Supreme Court decisions to reflect on. We can have opinions but there are real precedents.


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