Day 65: Fool’s Gold

The Nytimes published a piece on the rightward turn of Tech Giants’ election contributions. This of course is no surprise they have always had a libertarian pathos and ethics.
I work for an on demand delivery service. It recently rolled out a daily payment option that charges a fee for the service. The announcement used words like financial goals and compassion for those who need their money fast (the premium isn’t mentioned until the enrollment process). This same service doesn’t inform the driver of the tip amount until after the shift ends. This is a huge and way more important issue from the worker end. As independent contractors, we are denied overtime and minimum wage requirements of w-2 employees. I pay the employer share of the taxes from income. Even more crucial is the delivery fee is nowhere close to a living wage, tips are the majority of the income. The tip amount unless cash(very rare like never has happened) is input before the order is placed. By informing the driver of the tip amount, the driver has the ability to choose the best assignment instead of discovering after a full shift they will need to increase hours to earn enough. Making five dollars as opposed to 15 for an hour is significant. As independent contractors using a platform, we shouldn’t be forced to serve underpaying clients. The customer has a right to choose a tip and high tippers should be rewarded with faster and greater service just like low tippers deserve not to be served. The platform’s profits aren’t affected by low tips but their non employee employees are. As on demand services rise, we must enforce fair transparent financial practices.
They will resist as their donations show but they do not own us.
-E.C. Fiori

Author: paveamerica

Two Americans take the only radical position left in the country: centrists.

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