Day 4: Rebranding the Rose

Only 1 in 4 people want Obamacare repealed as reported by Fox News

Only 52% of Republicans want repeal.
I argue that most supporters and critics don’t understand ACA and all its effects. The amount of spin on both sides and dearth of education for most citizens. To be fair it is a complicated law with many aspects that almost everyone benefits in some way. No one wants to return to the previous system.
First let’s talk personal responsibility, the conservative boilerplate. Politically the term is never connected to self reflection. It is a charge to be leveled not at any real living citizen but the straw men of the world. People who are cared for by doing nothing. Never the disabled neighbor hurt on site or the family using snap while wearing their walmart uniform but even if the lazy cannot be found they exist for the good Speaker tells me so. I don’t think the feeling of the undeserving receiver is irrational rather I think it stems from a world run by elites who don’t understand the cost of living which is not just comparing median wages and average rents. It is the experience of making a life and always having to find new cuts to make even after a small raise. It is the fickleness of red tape and the pains that come from reckoning with self-worth. Poor people usually don’t chose poverty and the work needed for opportunities is not equal even if it is all hard work. Also to complain about personal responsibility when you as an uninsured citizen cause higher costs is hypocritical.
Second the repeal and replace movement which turns seven this year still hasn’t a plan. The closest is the Senate announced making participation a state issue. This is a cowardly way of saying I don’t want my re-election to depend on actually resolving the problems of big healthcare.
Third is the change in medicine in the past hundred years. We all remember Dr. Salks for choosing the public good over profit but research has changed. Now the patent isn’t up to the doctors who cure but their corporate masters who charge administrators in the medical industrial complex. In between are the insurers and us. Three of the five have profit as their only motive. No wonder care costs more.
How do you fix that system I’m not sure myself but I know ACA was a step forward worth saving and building on to achieve lower premiums and deductibles to save lives.
-E.C. Fiori

Author: paveamerica

Two Americans take the only radical position left in the country: centrists.

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