Day 24/25: Guilty as Charged

I’ve been reading a lot of folks state their resistance support as how will you account for your life. I want to know the askers answer.
One is a good friend, but a straw man of the left. To quote “I know social issues but I don’t know anything about economics.” They believed Sanders would become Speaker of the House if Clinton won. This is a graduate of a respected liberal arts university. Outside their job, they binge television. Besides the leftist “prestige” series, their time is spent consuming “reality” television and social media.
Orwellian devices wrapped in Huxley packaging. “Reality” television is no less staged than other genres just staring people who will only audition to play a single role (one that is not bound by the series). Social media is a community that others profit off of. This isn’t a piece about whose terrible future is more accurate. Reality is much greater than imagined. Anyone telling you otherwise is selling you something. Probably a book. This is about the modern American lifestyle. How we forgive ourselves without repentance. I’m speaking about guilty pleasures. The most common hypocrisy. When we fill our time with distractions as shameless as our current president, we support it. 
I don’t suggest that we walk about dour at all times. I support moderate desserts but we have become too decadent in our excesses. There must be limits, not by federal statute but through etiquette. Manners are not a sin. Civility is a start not a goal. We live in an immodest age. We profess one set of ideals but devote significant portions of our time to intellectualizing trash. Irony the simpler excuse as I’ve written before has its limits. Our media consumption impacts if not creates our perception. If we want a more educated discussion on issues, we have to support those who are having it. All the time. Every choice matters.We must be the city on the hill. That is our manifest destiny.
-E.C. Fiori