Day 57/58/59/60/61: The Kingdom of Hoover

Comey testified before the Senate today. As much as seeing Trump’s tweet refuted under oath was entertaining, the acknowledgement of an investigation into his campaigns collaboration with Russia since July dampened my mood. I wasn’t one of those who believed Comey’s letter changed the election. In light of the full story, it is now hard to argue otherwise. Both candidates were being investigated. A narrative that might have changed history. 

The Kingdom built by Hoover survived in no small part to leaks during Watergate. The meetings between the man who would be revealed to be Mark Felt and two journalists is a thriller cliche even if most movie goers no longer understand the reference. 
Comey had a choice. His rebuke on Clinton’s email server was before last July but the October letter that ended up being a phantom suspicion was well after. He knew that for most of the general campaign one major candidate was being investigated and it was not Clinton. The FBI’s involvement in the email scandal is the crux of the belief that she was a weak candidate. Comey’s silence on the issue at some level is understandable if the accusations are true, it is an unprecedented situation of a politician collaborating with our greatest foe. With Priebus and Spicer in the White House, one wonders how much the GOP knew of Trump’s actions. 
It is a shame, rural America deserves a true defender. The bottom 80% of America deserves a voice. We can’t afford to continue fighting the battles Dylan sung about. We must move on as a society. A new century dawned about 20 years ago, we must meet the challenge. You still can’t drink water in Flint.

-E.C. Fiori

Author: paveamerica

Two Americans take the only radical position left in the country: centrists.

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