Day 43: The Wars on Christmas

I know many on the left will give this post title an eyeroll but I must speak about the two wars on Christmas: one waged by the secular leftists and the other from Radical Islam. The left has long sought to undermine the separation of church and state by submitting religion to federal control. People must petition Congress for religious exemptions. That is not what this country was founded on. The government does not grant us rights. Our religious institutions Christian or other are not granted passage by Big Government. This is why battles over the building of Mosques disturbs me. It isn’t for the President or the selectmen to decide. We do not have the right to stop peaceful worship if they own the property or at least have legal access. I believe both the the left and the right have assaulted our religious rights.


The war on the Western world from Radical Islam is a clash of civilizations. Christianity and Islam can and do coexist in Western Civilization. Not that there aren’t conflicts between religious groups under liberal order but our values as a society push us towards unity and respect. Radical Islam under its strict literal theology cannot exist within the West. It’s practice goes against all of our values. If the West is defined as uncertain and fluid then Radical Islam is defined by the opposite. The temptation is it promises a known purpose in life. In the West, religion and work (our institutions of purpose) have been under attack by the political elite. The resulting society promotes unlimited freedom by removing dedication and devotion as values. Purpose limits choice. True freedom is being adrift in space without a footing to stand on. People want to have a purpose, at some level we need it. As the work that gave employee’s pride is automated, a pillar of society teeters. We don’t need more stuff to throw away, we need more purpose in our days. I have been told of a notion where freedom from work allows us to achieve higher purposes. I don’t agree with it. An attempt by the left to marginalize people’s lives. Autowork gives more back to the community than art and is no less noble. That’s the problem with the Progressive goal to achieve the end of history. People want to be a part of their lineage, not escape it.
The converts to the radical civilizations (Radical Islam and Neo-Nazis are just the most aggressive) flee the increasingly inhuman West shedding its values without replacing them. Multiculturalism isn’t a value as much as the absence of one. The American Melting Pot wasn’t a place where you kept your way of life as much as subvert your rituals to the American way. You came to America to be American. Immigrants make America great by becoming American. Entangling the threads of their traditions into our quilt. The american ethnicity is multiracial and our DNA is global but at our heart we are all brothers and sisters under and for the Republic and all for which it stands. In reading the Atlantic review of “Silence”, one would assume Art was created outside of religion when until recent history it was a tool of faith. The reviewer believes taking religion seriously is radical. I find that to be belittling to say that the ancient mysteries of religion especially the inevitability of suffering were not a legitimate source of Art. The left has turned tradition radical. Until the liberal order reclaims its history it will be on the losing end of a war they refuse to admit exists.

Day 36: What We Failed to Do

As we approach the end of the Obama era and his legacy, it becomes clearer the ways that the Democrats failed most Americans. The first major failure was present day and the second is still coming.

In the mortgage crisis, what began under Bush continued under Obama no holds corporate charity which funded a long and many times illegal campaign by the bailed out companies against the working class, they already screwed once. While all of TARP, GM, and the other bailouts couldn’t only be directed at the public a majority should have been and the debt righted. Instead the creators of the bubble all got a chance to get double paid and as the countless post 2008 banking scandals show, the industry succeeded in their attempt. Now as he leaves office the inequality gap has widened. There is a great piece in the Atlantic about this legacy.

The second is still mostly to come but it is the Democrats focus and reliance on Silicon Valley. The tech industry has become dominated by large monopolies like Google who owns even me to be sure. An industry of big money small workforce. Where the few control massive fortunes without selling anything but ruin and remove vast swathes of employment. Much of the disruption is literally coded loopholes around needed regulations. When things go wrong, we the people are left holding the bag when unsafe services are allowed to be rendered. In many ways this election is a reputation of the cosmopolitan values of tech and their greed. Even if it was electing one of the few people who might be greedier than the tech moguls. As they continue to destroy our ability to provide, we must ask ourselves what are we getting in return for their virtual luxury.

-E.C. Fiori