Day 26: There is no House

Everyone knows the house always wins. The American republic may have an elite, but as this election show, they don’t own the system. Trump showed that for both media output, both left and right publishers endorsed Clinton. They might pay eighteen bucks to see a celebrity, but they won’t let that celebrity decide their fate. There is no house in America, just we the people.

-E.C. Fiori

Day 12: America, the Gilded Crown of the Trump Family Brand

Donald Trump’s recent meetings with both Japan’s prime minister and a group of Indian businessmen share more than just the location they took place. As Trump transitions from Business Magnate the Candidate to President Elect Business Figurehead, we have seen him flirt with Kleptocratic route. Now in the early meeting, his desire to mingle both his worlds has been laid bare. In his meeting with Shinzo Abe, his daughter Ivanka was present. Part of her purview within the family business is international expansion. There cannot be no denial that brand of the president elect still has some sway, Trump spoke highly of India’s Modi. Now, he may have three new complexes with his name in the works. Pundits speak often how the campaign and now his presidency may injure his business. Yet for all the connections severed, he seems to be using his mantle to make new ones. The man isn’t bulletproof as much as a Hydra as seen in the trials of Hercules.

Trump’s supporters often point to his wealth as a suggestion that he is corruption proof. Yet, Trump is a man who is bonded to money not as a tool of survival but the source of worth. Not that we know his true worth since he hasn’t released his tax returns. It is estimated to be about 3.7 billion currently. An amount that could be claimed by a small nation. That being said if he had just invested his inheritance in low risk mutual funds, he would probably be worth more today. He leveraged his economic wealth into a social wealth culminating into the highest office in the land. Not a bad trade off but now that he claimed that title he must take on the full mantle. The traditional blind trust and a staff free of his son-in-law. The separation of family and state is an important and legal wall within our government for a reason. The main one to avoid the temptation of self enrichment. Grant’s presidency was blemished by the scandals of close associates. I understand the need for some privacy but the close to total press blackout is very unpresidential . Especially when other people without security clearance are present. If we are to be informed citizens in the legacy of the Founders then the press must have more access. Here we face a man who still tweets about a late night sketch show and a letter delivered to an important figure. Will interviews and meeting attendance as well as location be given only to friendly journalists? Will we ever know anything about the Trump presidency besides speeches and executive actions?

I sense his legal troubles including the recently settled Trump University lawsuits as well as his continued business interests both known and unknown will cause trouble. The constitution did not leave the people powerless from the clutches of despots. Impeachment is more difficult than an alternative like recall elections but if the reason is noble than I do not doubt bipartisan support. There are still 60 days of decisions to change the course. The man always has pulled through so I wouldn’t bet against him.

-E.C. Fiori