Day 26: There is no House

Everyone knows the house always wins. The American republic may have an elite, but as this election show, they don’t own the system. Trump showed that for both media output, both left and right publishers endorsed Clinton. They might pay eighteen bucks to see a celebrity, but they won’t let that celebrity decide their fate. There is no house in America, just we the people.

-E.C. Fiori

Day 16: Seller’s Remorse

Jill Stein raised about four million dollars as of today to pay for recounts in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. This effort based on vague claims of hacking, but no clear source. Another frustrating twist in the election cycle. Stein who spent the general campaign telling leftists there was no difference between Clinton and Trump. Now she may not be claiming the votes will flip the states but she inferred it enough to get liberals to open their wallets. Distracting from the Dec 10th Louisiana senate runoff. That’s a long shot too but it is real.

Jill Stein should not be forgiven for costing Clinton the election. We see the kleptocratic future ahead and people are less free to be themselves. No police reform, Wall Street regulations, or better protected civil rights. Third party voting in a normal election in a battleground is wasteful when faced with what we got idiotic. Years from now, children will ask did Green Party voters feel good about themselves. I can’t imagine they will. I wonder if they voted Nader in 2000 maybe most of them were too young. So much time and money wasted on pageantry politics. Looks great on the newsfeed, the trough of information.


-E.C. Fiori.